Registration And Admission Procedure

Vision Statement

The alumni create a school’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful they are in the real world. Our school is well known for producing students that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields, and hence our reputation grows further.
At Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School we aim to recognise each student as an individual and to develop the whole person. By identifying and nurturing the unique talents and skills of each student we encourage them to realise their full potential. Through the promotion of academic rigour, co-curricular and extra-curricular excellence we strive to create an environment which is challenging and vibrant, and a culture which celebrates effort, determination, self-belief and achievement.
In our staff we look for role models, engaged learners, enthusiastic leaders and exemplary citizens. We respect their learning and value their loyalty. We are committed to support and encourage personal and professional development, recognize dedication and reward endeavour.
We welcome the active involvement of parents and the community and strive to develop close and effective relationships, which allow us to work together to achieve the aims of the school. In return, we hope to extend to them all the benefits and expertise that Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School has to offer. At the core of our teaching is the belief that education is of little value unless it promotes humanity, encourages the instinct to serve, and develops qualities such as resilience, courage and compassion. Indeed, we recognise that our success as a school will be judged by the quality of the lives our pupils choose to pursue on leaving Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, and of their ability to contribute effectively to the modern world. Our ambition, therefore, is to prepare young people who are fine ambassadors for their school, city, state, and country.

Philosophy of the School

We believe every student as a person has a different background : cultural set of experiences, skills and interests which must be considered in the teaching and learning process.
We believe that a varied student body enriches the school community and provides a wealth of experience and resources as well as enhances ambience of social camaraderie.
We believe that a meticulous education includes the development of the qualities of compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights, religions and cultures of all people, the skills for peaceful resolution of conflict and the development of environmental responsibilities.
We believe that school should prepare young people to provide leadership to meet the national and global challenges of the 21st century.
We believe that school should foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
We believe that accomplishment in the physical, expressive and creative arts is an essential part of holistic education.
We believe that school is a community, therefore social awareness, thoughtful interaction, and effective communication among students, parents and staff is fundamental to its well-being.