At Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School we aim to recognise each student as an individual and to develop the whole person. By identifying and nurturing the unique talents and skills of each student we encourage them to realise their full potential. Through the promotion of academic rigour, co-curricular and extra-curricular excellence we strive to create an environment which is challenging and vibrant, and a culture.... MORE...

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution

"Education is not preparation for
life; education is life itself."


The students of Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School enjoy a beautifully manicured, Wi-Fi enabled campus, meticulously maintained playing-fields and sporting facilities, fully-air-conditioned conference halls and auditoriums, well-equipped libraries, and hi-tech laboratories. MTMHSS boasts of the most advanced infrastructure in its campuses.


Our campuses have large playing fields interspersed with grassy knolls and beautiful gardens. Thoughtfully designed all facilities in the school are within close walking distance.


Every classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities which include a projection system, backed up by audio paraphernalia to assist presentations & interactive sessions.We have partnered with Next Education to provide best in class learning experience to our students. The school is a licensed user of Teach Next, an optimal digital classroom solution, giving teachers and students free access to a large corpus of syllabi related study material.


Both of our campuses have spacious and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs, allowing children an engaging environment to devise and evaluate their own experiments.The Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School maintains two state-of-art Computer Labs. Junior Computer Lab is equipped with over 20 computers and the Senior Computer Lab has over 65 workstations. The Koyla Nagar Campus has 45 computers set up in an exquisite and futuristic Computer Laboratory.


The campus has 24 x 7 security cover, with guards stationed at the Front and Rear Gates, in front of all buildings, as well as patrolling the campus. 24 hours security/surveillance is taken care of through CCTV. Fire sprinklers and alarms have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Fire drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different scenarios. CCTV: All the buildings, outdoor fields, and classrooms are under surveillance through fixed & PTZ cameras, with event recording facility to keep a check on any untoward incident.


The counselling office is alive to the varied educational and personal needs of students of different ages and from diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds. The office is also available to cater individual advice to students making career decisions at different stages.


The school maintains a well furnished library and reading room with approximate ten thousand volumes of books.Newspaper and Magazines are provided in addition to a wide range of books which also include dictionaries, encyclopedias, books on general knowledge & year books.

Medical & Health

The school maintains an infirmary under the care of a trained nurse. Medical facilities are provided to the students regularly, under the care of a part-time qualified doctors. Regularly record of weight, height, inoculation, etc., is maintained.

Dance & Music Room

We have a well furnished Dance Room with modern flooring. Students learn dance steps under a qualified instructor.The music room is well equipped with new musical instruments of various types.